Process of Customzing a Spout Pouch

1Client Consultation

In this initial step, our team would contact the client and discuss their needs onpackaging size, material, and design elements to determine the final spout pouch design.

2Printing Plate Production

Once the design is approved, move on to the next phase, which involves producing the printing plates that will be used to transfer the ink and images onto the packaging material.

4Mass Production

With the sample approved, initiate mass production of the customized spout pouches. Ensure adherence to quality control measures throughout production and keep the client informed about progress.

3Sample Production

Prior to commencing mass production, create and send a sample spout pouch to the client for their approval, verifying the printing quality and packaging meet expectations.

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Customized Options

Varied material available

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Pouch configuration

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Our Production Capacity

High-speed Slitting Workshop
Automatic Pouch Spout Inserter and Rail Installation Workshop
Bag Making Workshop
Lamination Workshop
High-speed Printing Workshop
Automatic ink Dispensing Room
Quality Inspection Workshop

R & D

Testing Capability

  • Mechanical testing
  • Optical Test
  • Hygiene test
  • Barrier test
  • Testing for caps & spouts
  • Other test

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