Food Packaging Solutions

Optimise your brand's visibility in the food sector with our 30 years of expertise in flexible food packaging. We cater to the dynamic needs of the food industry with a wide range of innovative packaging options, offering a wide range of pouch styles and quality materials for various food categories. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in top-notch print quality, robust design, and strict adherence to relevant food contact safety norms. We specialise in bespoke packaging design - from customised bag shapes to user-friendly nozzles - and our products not only enhance the consumer experience, but also demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Introducing Our Main Product: spout pouch

Welcome to DQPACK, where innovative packaging meets exceptional food quality. Our diverse array of spout pouches, designed to cater to all food industry needs, offers unparalleled protection and convenience. Preserve the taste and freshness your customers expect with solutions that are as stylish as they are functional.

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Value for Partners

Competitive Factory Pricing: We maintain an optimal balance of premium quality and affordability to match various budgetary requirements.

Sustainable Solutions

Discover our offerings of mono-material pouches and laminates designed for those pursuing eco-friendlier packaging alternatives.


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