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“UV Ink Revolution: Unlocking Eco-Friendly Printing with High Efficiency”

  • May 26, 2023

“Discover the Future of Printing with Eco-Efficient UV Ink”


The printing industry is rapidly transforming, pursuing excellence in quality while minimizing costs and environmental footprints. UV ink emerges as a game-changer, outperforming solvent-based and water-based inks with its superior print attributes across diverse substrates.


Defining UV Ink:

UV ink, catalyzed by ultraviolet (UV) light, morphs from liquid to solid state, offering an eco-conscious printing solution without sacrificing quality.


Key Advantages of UV Ink – A Sustainable Choice for Modern Printing:


Unmatched Cost-Effectiveness:

UV ink stays 100% on the substrate, ensuring less ink usage and consistent color strength. Its higher price is offset by its coverage – 70 square meters per kilogram compared to the 30 square meters with solvent-based inks.


Instant Dry, High-Speed Production:

With UV ink, drying time is a thing of the past. UV radiation rapidly solidifies the ink, enabling on-the-go stacking and processing at speeds of 120-140m/min. This efficiency translates to significant space savings up to 80%.


Zero Environmental Pollution:

The 100% solvent-free UV ink eliminates volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, aligning with stringent environmental policies and cutting costs associated with solvent recovery.


Safety and Reliability:

Water and solvent-free, UV ink is resilient against chemical interactions once cured. This non-toxic nature is ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging, offering security and potential savings in insurance costs.


Superior Print Quality:

Consistent coloring, firm ink layers, negligible dot distortion, and immediate drying enable flawless multi-color overprinting, elevating UV ink’s print quality to remarkable levels.


Stable Properties for Uninterrupted Printing:

Ink that stays fluid indefinitely under normal conditions ensures stable viscosity throughout prolonged printing operations. This non-volatility eliminates viscosity checks, guarantees uninterrupted printing, and sustains quality.


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