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Since 1991, We have been committed to providing personalized, safe, and environmentally conscious packaging solutions. With a focus on meeting your unique needs, we offer a diverse range of products including various pouches and films, tailored to support sectors from food to chemicals. At the heart of our operation are customization, quality, and sustainability. Our team works with you to deliver solutions that adhere to stringent quality standards. Entrust us with your packaging needs, and let’s build a responsible and sustainable future together.


Producing 1 billion pouches per month



Serve 7000+ clients



Export to more than 140 countries



Generate 17000+ customized products

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Our Production Capacity

Automatic ink Dispensing Room

High-speed Printing Workshop

Lamination Workshop

Bag Making Workshop

High-speed Slitting Workshop

Automatic Pouch Spout Inserter and Rail Installation Workshop

Quality Inspection Workshop


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DQ PACK Product Catalog

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