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Side Gusset Solutions for Pet Food

The pet food market greatly benefits from side gusset pouches, which maximize shelf presence while offering substantial capacity – a key consideration for pet owners who prefer bulk purchases.


  • Ease of  use:  Gussets allow the pouch to stand firmly and withstand the rigors of heavy pet food products.
  • Market: Dry Dog Food, Wet Dog Food, Dog Treat and Chews, Specialty Dog Food, Dry Cat Food, Wet Cat Food, Cat Treats, Bird Food, Reptile and Amphibian Food
  • Capacity: 100g-25kg
  • Pouch configuration: product handles, product window, top slider, etc

Considering these benefits, it is clear that stand-up Spout Pouches provide a superior solution for pet food, ensuring convenience, freshness, and safety for both parents and children.

Why side gusset pouch is your best choice

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Strength and Durability

we use of high-quality, robust materials that are puncture-resistant, ensuring that even large volumes up to 25kg can be safely contained without risk of damage during transport or handling.

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Customization and Flexibility

Offer customization options to match the branding needs of pet food manufacturers, including specialized printing and design services.

Provide a range of sizes from small treats to large 25kg bags, catering to a broad market segment.

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Convenience Features

Integrate plastic handles for larger pouches to enhance carry convenience, a feature that end-users will appreciate, especially for heavy bags.

Incorporate resealable zippers to keep the pet food fresh, make it easier for repeated use, and support better product preservation avoiding spillages and external contaminants.

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Product Preservation

Ensure that the materials used for pouches protect the pet food from moisture, air, and light, vital for maintaining the nutritional quality and taste of the food.

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Design and Marketing

Our side gusset design provides a large surface area suitable for impactful branding, nutritional information, and attractive designs, making the products stand out on shelves.

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Value-Added Services

We accommodate orders of various sizes and are happy to support emerging brands and new product launches by accepting small order quantities. This flexibility allows our clients to test the market with their pet food products confidently, without the commitment to large initial production runs.


Other Packaging Solutions for pet food

  • Cup Sealing Film: Cup sealing film packaging offers a compact and secure method for storing single servings of wet pet food products. This technique involves sealing a film over a pre-filled cup, which not only helps preserve the product’s freshness but also ensures spill-proof transportation. It’s particularly ideal for pet owners looking for quick, convenient feeding solutions that mitigate waste and maintain hygiene, with easy peel-back options that enhance the user experience.
  • Spout Pouch: Spout pouches are a versatile packaging option for pet food, especially for liquid or semi-moist products. They come equipped with a resealable spout that offers controlled dispensing, thereby reducing mess and conserving product freshness. These pouches are characterized by their convenience and portability, making them practical for pet owners on the move or those who prefer a clean and easy feeding routine for their pets.
  • Flat Bottom Pouch: The flat bottom pouch, with its stable base, combines the best of stand-up pouches and gusset bags to deliver a highly functional packaging form. Its five-panel design provides ample space for branding and essential product information, while its sturdy structure ensures it stands out on retail shelves. Ideal for dry pet food, treats, or kibble, these pouches offer ease of use with zip-lock or velcro closures to keep pet food fresh after opening.
  • Shaped Doypack: Shaped doypacks are custom-tailored to distinguish a brand with their unique contours and eye-catching designs, offering a modern twist to traditional flexible packaging. Suited to a wide range of pet food types, these pouches can be crafted to tap into the emotional purchasing drivers of pet owners, providing both a visually appealing package and functional benefits such as resealability, robustness, and easy handling.

Spout Pouch Advantages

Why get Bulk Spout Pouch From DQ PACK?

6 reasons to convince

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Excellent Customization Ability

Our dedicated team excels in crafting tailor-made packaging options, meticulously considering product-specific features and market trends. We offer complete customization in dimensions, shapes including pouches and spouts, and configurations, ensuring our designs not only meet functional demands but also captivate consumers with premium aesthetics from concept to shelf.

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Strict inspection standard

Every customized packaging product undergoes a comprehensive quality assurance process to meet stringent criteria. Precision and attention to detail ensure that only the finest packaging solutions reach our clients, assuring structural integrity, durability, and compliance with all relevant standards.

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Artwork Quality Control:

Errors in the artwork on packaging can be very costly. We use automated inspection tools to eliminate human error before official printing to ensure the quality of the artwork is error-free.

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Print Quality Management

The experts' years of experience in color mixing and automatic color mixing system ensures no significant color differences between the finished printed products and the artwork, and that the most stunning results are printed.

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Competitive factory pricing

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional packaging designs at highly competitive prices. Our strategic factory partnerships and efficient production methods enable us to provide cost-effective packaging solutions without sacrificing quality.

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Printing Plate Quality Control:

We work with the most advanced, capable and sustainable plate makers whose high-definition imaging technology assists us in achieving high-quality printing. Our customers' printing plates are sorted and well-kept in our warehouse.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.

  • What is the procedure of placing an order?
    Customers provide products’ info → Quotation → Sample Production → Sample Approval → Mass Production → Delivery
  • What information I need to provide for quotation?
    Pls let us know your: 1)order quantity 2)package size 3)printing design, we will quote immediately
  • 3.Is there a quality inspection system in the production process?
    Each process is inspected by specialists and equipped with EPR system, which can track each process online.
  • Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?
    For small order, express will be best. And for bulk order, sea ship way is best .For urgent orders,we suggest transport via Air-Express plus or ship partner deliverly door to door.
  • What's the general lead time for one order?
    For orders within 200,000pcs, we can ship out the good within 15-20 days, few days extra for higer quantity.
  • How long will i expect to receive the goods?
    5-7 days if you choose courier service(DHL/UPS/Fedex) 25-40 days if you choose cargo service.
  • Can I have sample before the order?
    Sure, we can provide free sample (from our past projects) for you to check the quality. Can ship anytime.


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