Shaped Pouch Solutions for Confectionery

Shaped candy pouches charm consumers with their unique contours that visually distinguish them from standard packaging, making confections inside appear more intriguing and desirable. This distinctiveness not only boosts visual interest, making candies feel more like special gifts, but also improves functionality by offering practicality in displaying and carrying the product.

  • Ease of use: adopting vibrant colors and distinctive features like handles or hangers to captivate consumer interest.
  • Capacity: 10g-5kg
  • Pouch configuration: top slider, pull-tab zipper,rounded corner, laser scoring,varied type of handles,etc


Other Packaging Solutions for Confectionery

  • Twisted Candy Film: Twisted Candy Film offers a simple yet secure way to encase individual candies, ensuring they remain fresh and well-protected. Its iconic twist at both ends is not only functional — keeping contaminants out and flavor in — but also adds an element of fun to the unwrapping experience that consumers have cherished for generations.
  • Rainbow Candy Film: Elevate the visual feast of your confectionery products with the vibrant hues of rainbow candy film packaging. This enticing, multi-colored wrapping option does more than just catch the eye; Perfect for generating excitement on the shelves.
  • High Barrier Laminate: For the utmost integrity in confectionery preservation, consider high barrier laminate packaging. This powerhouse material is adept at shielding sweets from environmental factors that can compromise their quality, such as moisture, air, and light. Its advanced protective properties help in extending shelf life, ensuring that the confectionery remains just as delightful and delicious as the day it was packaged.
  • Cold Sealant Film: Cold sealant film packaging is a stellar choice for delicate confections that are sensitive to heat. With the ability to seal at lower temperatures, this technology safeguards the integrity of chocolates and other heat-sensitive candies during the packaging process.
  • Shaped Doypack: Make your confectionery stand out with a custom silhouette through shaped doypack packaging. These pouches can take on unique forms tailored to your product or brand, making them a delight on the retail shelf and beyond. Not only do these novel shapes capture consumer attention, but they also offer the practical benefits of stand-up capabilities and resealable zippers, enhancing both functionality and appeal.
  • Multi-Spout Pouch: Offering an innovative dispensing method, multi-spout pouch packaging is an excellent option for servings of liquid or powdered confections. Each spout ensures controlled pouring, reducing mess and waste, and making the enjoyment of the product convenient and enjoyable. This type of packaging emphasizes user experience and can be designed to reinforce branding.

Spout Pouch Advantages

Why get Bulk Spout Pouch From DQ PACK?

6 reasons to convince

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Excellent Customization Ability

Our dedicated team excels in crafting tailor-made packaging options, meticulously considering product-specific features and market trends. We offer complete customization in dimensions, shapes including pouches and spouts, and configurations, ensuring our designs not only meet functional demands but also captivate consumers with premium aesthetics from concept to shelf.

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Strict Inspection Standard

Every customized packaging product undergoes a comprehensive quality assurance process to meet stringent criteria. Precision and attention to detail ensure that only the finest packaging solutions reach our clients, assuring structural integrity, durability, and compliance with all relevant standards.

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Artwork Quality Control

Errors in the artwork on packaging can be very costly. We use automated inspection tools to eliminate human error before official printing to ensure the quality of the artwork is error-free.

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Printing Quality Management:

The experts' years of experinence in color mixing and automatic color mixing systerm ensures no significant color differences betewwn the finished printed products and the artwork, and that the most stunning results are printed.

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Competitive Factory Price:

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional packaging design at highly competitive prices. Our strategic factory partnerships and efficent production methods enable us to provide cost-effective packaging solutions without sacrificing quality.

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Printing Plate Quality Control:

We work with the most advanced, capable and sustainable plate makers whose high-definition imaging technology assists us in achieving high-quality printing. Our customers' printing plates are sorted and well-kept in our warehouse.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.

  • What is the procedure of placing an order?
    Customers provide products’ info → Quotation → Sample Production → Sample Approval → Mass Production → Delivery
  • What information I need to provide for quotation?
    Pls let us know your: 1)order quantity 2)package size 3)printing design, we will quote immediately
  • Is there a quality inspection system in the production process?
    Each process is inspected by specialists and equipped with EPR system, which can track each process online.
  • Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?
    For small order, express will be best. And for bulk order, sea ship way is best .For urgent orders,we suggest transport via Air-Express plus or ship partner deliverly door to door.
  • What's the general lead time for one order?
    For orders within 200,000pcs, we can ship out the good within 15-20 days, few days extra for higer quantity.
  • How long will i expect to receive the goods?
    5-7 days if you choose courier service(DHL/UPS/Fedex) 25-40 days if you choose cargo service.
  • Can I have sample before the order?
    Sure, we can provide free sample (from our past projects) for you to check the quality. Can ship anytime.


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