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About the cause of the explosion & damage of plastic packaging bags

  • May 26, 2023

In the process of production, transportation and storage, plastic packaging bags often burst and are damaged, which seriously affects the product quality of enterprises. How can we solve the problem of bursting edges and damage of plastic packaging bags? Below, Danqing Printing, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, will combine its own experience in producing high-quality plastic packaging bags to explain the methods to prevent plastic packaging bags from bursting and breaking.

Burst edge and damage caused by automatic packaging process: When automatic packaging, the filled contents have a strong impact on the bottom of the bag, and if the bottom of the bag cannot withstand the impact force, the bottom will crack and the side will crack.
Explosion and damage caused by transportation and product stacking: The flexible packaging bag cannot withstand the increase in internal pressure caused by the stacking of goods and the friction during transportation, and the bag is bursting and damaged.
Damage caused by the vacuuming process of the packaging bag: the thickness of the packaging bag is thin, the packaging bag shrinks during vacuuming, and the contents have hard objects, needle corners or hard objects (dirty) in the vacuum extraction machine puncture the packaging bag and cause edge explosion and damage.
When the high-temperature retort bag is vacuumed or autoclaved, the edge is burst and damaged due to the lack of pressure resistance and high temperature resistance of the material.
Due to the low temperature, the frozen packaging bag becomes hard and brittle, and the poor frost and puncture resistance causes the packaging bag to burst and break.
DQ PACK has a professional R & D team, which can design suitable material structure according to customer needs, reduce bag damage during filling and transportation.
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