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Basic knowledge and characteristics of 8-side sealing bag Flexible Packaging Pouch Manufacturer China 2017-08-29 15:15:03

The eight-side sealing bag is also known as the eight-side sealing flat bag, which is a kind of soft packaging with horizontal support structure, which is independent of any support, whether it is open or independent.The packaging of the flat bag makes the product stand on its own, and the sales of the dealers show that it is convenient for consumers to use.Flat bags are a relatively new form of packaging that improves product quality, improves shelf vision, portability, ease of use, freshness, sealing, and many other advantages.

The eight-edge sealing bag is a kind of packaging material made of a composite material and various base materials, and the supporting structure is designed on the base of the bottom.Can achieve self-standing effect, this is a new product form, is suitable for all kinds of printing methods, and improve the appearance of products, effectively enhance the visual effect.

Eight edge-sealing bag is suitable for a wide range of packaging, food packaging, pet food packaging, self-supporting bag is in the food packaging sector support, the performance of eight edge-sealing bag function can be as simple as the following four, respectively is:

1. Strong sealing and good preservation effect.

2. Strong obstructive and practical.

3. Perfect for packaging inside and outside layers and packaging design, the application is also very powerful.

4. Good printing effect and better packaging design.