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How to judge the quality of self-sustaining nozzle bag packaging film? Flexible Packaging Pouch Manufacturer China 2017-08-29 15:12:14

Independent suction nozzle bag used for packaging of milk, red wine and other liquid of suction nozzle bag special printing, is developed in recent years to a form of packaging, especially with the development of the high-temperature cooking liquid packaging speed faster, such as black and white milk PE film packaging bags.So, how to judge the quality of self-priming bag packaging film?

1. The static friction coefficient of self-sustaining suction bag packing film is low, and generally requires between 0.2 and 0.4, so that it can be filled quickly in a short time at high speed filling and filling machine.High friction coefficient, low filling speed packaging design, in a short time can fill insufficient.

2. milk packaging film surface printing fastness, resistance to pasteurized hot filling, and ensure that does not occur in - 20 ℃ storage environment ink fall off.Since the first and second point are two contradictory performance requirements, the ink and color masterbatch should be selected correctly.

3. With good thermal seal printing, can successfully melt the bag.If the resin is too sticky, the resin melt will stick to the hot seal.There are too many gliders used in the recipe, but the heat seal is not high and easy to open.Full satisfaction of three requirements is a good liquid packaging bag.

4. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, impact resistance, etc.

5. high temperature resistant film must be able to withstand 121 ℃, 30 minutes of sterilization.

6. The beverage suction bag should be strong enough that it will not be torn apart under the tension of the high speed automatic filling machine.