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The advantages and disadvantages of the eight-side flat-bottomed zipper bag Flexible Packaging Pouch Manufacturer China 2017-08-29 15:10:07

We are dazzled by the array of products in store supermarkets and e-commerce, and the role of composite bags is crucial for businesses.However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the compound 8-side zippered flat zippered bag?

1. The advantages of the eight-edge flat-bottomed zipper bag

Color bags itself of the nature of the superior, lie between water gas insulation performance is good, in the packaging professional, wide range of USES, can be packaged food, grains, such as powder form different products, can also be packaging of electronic products.For a commodity that is perishable, it can be useful to extend its shelf life and storage period.The quality of color printing packaging bag is light, the area is small, can be useful to save space in the process of transportation and storage, reduce cost.Color bags, both to do sell packaging, transport packaging can also measure the size of large, widely applicable, easy processing, and compared with other packaging materials, color printing packing bags of raw material and production cost is low.

2. The defect of the 8 - edge flat bottom zipper bag

The eight side sealing flat zipper bag is mainly made to order processing, not in stock, only under orders, not suitable for the customers with very tight delivery time.There is a certain amount of booking, not suitable for a small number of customers.

The manufacturers of the 8-sided packaging bags can only win customers by providing more one-stop value-added services, so as to help customers understand the market.Prepress technology design through the enterprise strength, help customers to choose the optimal product design scheme, help customers improve product quality, save cost, and realize the customer benefit maximization, so as to become your fixed customers.

China danqing plastic packaging printing co. LTD. As a professional in the production of food packaging manufacturers, has been committed to the production used in food, beverage, meat products, condiments, snack food, daily chemical cleaning products, chemical products such as printing composite packaging products, formed with independent suction nozzle bag, special-shaped suction nozzle bag, eight edge-sealing bag, with the mouth self-reliance bag, self-supporting zipper bag, high temperature cooking bags, heat shrinkable label, food packaging film, candy, tangle film, and other series of different structure, different USES of packaging materials.It is widely used in the packaging of laundry detergent, soybean milk, coffee, jelly, candy, beverage and tea food.From the raw materials to the factory, through strict inspection, quality inspection, finished product tension, and resistance to fall, and so on, have been strictly tested to ensure that the bags are not broken bags and durable.The printing is exquisite, the performance is superior, deeply the customer's praise.The company has the advanced printing production technology, closely following the international packaging industry development pace, fully meets the customers' demand for the products.