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The design concept of coffee packaging bag Flexible Packaging Pouch Manufacturer China 2017-08-23 15:04:25

With the improvement of living standards, living coffee into the scope of people's life, in the development of new products, product packaging has a very large space, so choose coffee products as the object of market research.Currently, the brands of coffee products are nestle, maxwell, jahan, kirin fire, mocha and brown.

Packing bags of coffee colour also has the certain regularity, according to industry in the form of practice, the finished product packing bags of coffee color to a certain extent, reflects the characteristics of the coffee: red packaging of coffee, taste is compared commonly thick, can let the drinker quickly awake from last night's dream;Black packaging of coffee, a high quality small fruit coffee;The golden packaging of coffee, symbolizing wealth and wealth, is the ultimate in coffee;Blue - packaged coffee, usually "decaffeinated" coffee.

The biggest feature of coffee packaging is the use of "a cup of coffee" to show the packaging.The color of "nestle coffee" in Chinese character "nestle coffee" is very good in identifying the product type and the characteristics of the product are also reflected in the design.Warm color is highlighted using red, give a person with warm feeling, the flavour is more massiness.Do not use different background color to make a distinction: plain color is red, strong color is a bit darker, the yellow flavor of milk aroma is lighter.

The color of the coffee packaging bag is mainly in warm tones, giving a warm feeling, while the trademark is converted into English "NESCAFE".Use different coffee types to show the taste of the product.Breakfast coffee that breakfast is the product of milk for breakfast, wheat, eggs, physical design, color in addition to the unique warm area with cool color attune give a person with pure and fresh feeling.Cappuccino is a blend of Italian espresso and steam foam milk.The shape of the foam milk is the main object, because it is strong coffee color.Silky coffee emphasizes silky, and the pattern is a mixture of milk and coffee that gives a silky feel and is predominantly brown.

Outer + plastic flexible packaging (paper bag) alert for paper, instant coffee powder easy tide in bag for the small plastic bag can be a very good protection products good sealing, convenient storage, easy to brew.Packing materials are cheap and affordable.

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